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Why the Middle Ages?

I've been pondering what drew me to the Middle Ages as a time period to write about. Certainly, it's a period I know relatively well from all the medieval history and literature classes I took in undergrad many years ago. But what drew me to it then, and what draws me to it now?

I think it's the way the unique combination of the foreign and the familiar. Life during that period was deeply different, and yet one can see the first inklings of modernity. A secular culture and vernacular language emerged, even as the Church struggled to keep control. Nations began to take shape out of the shambles of the Roman Empire.

As a romance author, I find the period particularly interesting because it shaped our modern views on romance so profoundly. This is when ideals of chivalry emerged, and troubadour poets sang of an idealized, courtly love that still shapes our stories to this day.

I also enjoy the creative license the period allows. While much is known, much is still a mystery, as written records weren't nearly so widespread. (Paper and the printing press had yet to arrive on the scene.)

I hope you enjoy my particular version of the Middle Ages as you read my books. I've attempted to draw out the aspects of medieval culture that would resonate the most with a modern reader. The first book in my series, "The De Veres," will be released in fall 2024, and I look forward to inviting you to explore this marvelous world.

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