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When a beautiful runaway wearing a memento mori rosary stumbles into Daniel’s shipbuilding workshop and hears him singing, her improvised verse and quick wit awaken a passion he thought long-dead. After years of living in disguise as a commoner, he intends to use her to enact his revenge against his uncle, Earl de Broase of Hawkhurst, who murdered his father and usurped his birthright. But their flirtatious game sparks a flame that neither can control.

Carenza, the runaway daughter of Baron de Vere of Winchelsea, never wanted romance, but she always loved the language of love. A skilled poet and aspiring nun, she chafes at her parents’ demands that she marry. When she tries to flee from betrothal to Earl de Broase, she meets a shipwright with a talent for verse who piques her curiosity. Though he is far below her station, she can’t deny the new and unexpected feelings he inspires. When she learns his true identity, it seems their love was meant to be—but Earl de Broase will stop at nothing to end the threat they represent to the legitimacy of his rule.


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When Alais de Vere is caught kissing troubadours one too many times, her family decides to organize a tournament to find her a husband. In the meantime, they assign an intriguing, taciturn stranger with a scarred face to fend off any men who might try to take liberties with her. As she warms to her guard, she learns the dangers of falling for a pretty face and finds the grand romance she seeks in an unexpected place.

Victor Arden is not pleased when his aunt, the Countess of Hastings, sends him off to Winchelsea as a peace offering. He is especially unhappy when he finds himself assigned to guard the obnoxiously lovely Alais, who insulted his scar upon their first meeting. But when suitors come to town to win her hand, his sword puts them all to shame at a grand tournament. He wins a kiss, but can he win her heart?

The Broken and the Bold (1).png

Coming in October 2024


Captain O’Bannon needs to rescue her twin brother, who is captive on a pirate ship, before he is worked to death. Little does anyone know that Captain O’Bannon’s true name is Fionola, and she is marauding the Atlantic disguised as a man. When she rescues a captive from a pirate ship who knows her brother, they team up to find him. But her inconvenient attraction to the man she rescued turns into something more after he saves her life and learns her secret.

Charles de Vere joins Captain O’Bannon’s crew to save the man who kept him alive for two years after being shipwrecked and then abducted and enslaved on a pirate ship. One night, he learns that the captain is a woman, and sparks fly—but their clandestine passion threatens everything they’ve worked to achieve. When her secret comes out, they flee to his family in England, hoping to find her brother on the way. But coming home with a pirate bride turns out to be more difficult than he imagined.

The Monk and the Maiden (1).png

Coming in January 2025

After dozens of disinterested suitors over nearly a decade, Iselda de Vere resigns herself to life as an old maid. Fortunately, marriage isn’t her true passion. Her love of medicine and healing give her a vocation that provides her with a sense of meaning and purpose. Determined to find a man that could appreciate her skill and intelligence and see beyond her shy demeanor, her family decides to provide some unasked-for help that leads to mayhem.

For nine years, William studied and practiced medicine with the Hospitallers, and now he can’t believe he’s debating remedies with the baron’s youngest daughter. When his family comes to town, they concoct a scheme to force him to marry. He finds himself locked in a cellar with Iselda, and they must team up to find a way to escape their families’ plotting. A tentative alliance turns into something more. Will he give up his vocation for a chance at love?

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